Vol. 20, no. 1 (Fall 2005)

Music Library Association—Northern California Chapter
Minutes of the Spring 2005 meeting
San Francisco Public Library


The Spring 2005 meeting took place June 10th at the main building of San Francisco Public Library. The morning session included two presentations: 1) Kathy Earl gave a talk on the cataloging of choral music from the point of view of a performer, discussing it strengths and drawbacks; and 2) Rhonelle Roberts discussed the moving of sound recordings from closed to open stacks at the University of the Pacific, and the discussions she and the cataloger were having about how to categorize the recordings for access to the public, both in the catalog and by groupings on the shelves. The business meeting, held in the afternoon, was called to order by Rhonelle Roberts, Chair.

Present were: Manuel Erviti (Berkeley); Ray Heigemeir (Stanford); Jerry McBride (Stanford); Nancy Lorimer (Stanford); Kathy Earl; Rhonelle Roberts (University of the Pacific); Jason Gibbs (SFPL); Catherine Jennings (Oakland Public Library); Michael Irvine (College of Marin); Richard Ross (SFSU; retired); Judy Chen (SFPL); Bridget Boyden (SFPL); Lynne Wolfe (Berkeley Public).

Business meeting

West Coast Meeting

The West Coast meeting, a joint meeting of the Southern California, Northern California, and Pacific Northwest chapters, will be held in the Spring of 2006. A planning meeting of members from the 3 chapters was held at the MLA annual meeting in Vancouver; attendees included Paula Elliott, John Roberts, Rhonelle Roberts, Laura Moody, Jason Gibbs, and Manuel Erviti. The plan so far was that the meeting would be hosted at Berkeley, with meetings in San Francisco on a Friday and Berkeley on the Saturday. John Roberts has been looking into dates and has narrowed it down to either April 7-8 or April 28-29 (both Friday and Saturday), 2006. He wanted to pick a day with a concert, but concert dates are not yet set. He prefers the later date since there will be less chance of rain. John suggested these dates in an email to the Northwest and Southern California chapters, but had not heard anything back. The attendance is estimated at 70. The meeting will replace local chapter meetings and will have time scheduled for local business meetings.

The program committee for the joint meeting includes: Jason Gibbs, Laura Moody, (Northern California) ; Leslie Bennett (Pacific Northwest) ; Ken Caulkins (Southern California). There will be a "Pacific Coast theme" and a call for papers will be put out.

The Local arrangements committee includes, Ray Heigemeir, Jason Gibbs, and Manuel Erviti. John Roberts would prefer a meeting in which housing accommodation is up to each individual. Pacific Northwest members, in particular, seem to want tours of the Bay Area. There will certainly be tours of San Francisco Public Library, Berkeley Music Library, and perhaps other tours to the Opera House, etc. The local arrangements members will also be contacting various vendors for fundraising possibilities. There was also a suggestion that MLA might contribute travel funds through travel grants for some members.

Autumn 2005 meeting

Jason Gibbs is looking at going to the Chinatown branch of the San Francisco Public Library system (Chinese music) and/or the Maritime Museum (sea shanties, etc.).

There will be an opening for Vice Chair/Chair Elect.

There was further discussion of the election process, specifically whether the Chair-Elect must be elected at a meeting or if the vote could take place via email. We know that the Board is able to appoint a Chair-Elect if there is an unfilled vacancy. As yet, there are no nominations.

MLA/NCC website

Michael Colby is having problems maintaining access to the website, because of security issues at UC-Davis. He wants to know if the site could be moved and if anyone else could tend it. Manuel has access to a library server at Berkeley and will look into the possibility of putting the files there. It was also suggested that someone find out whether the MLA website has space for chapters. We would also need to look into transferring the domain name. Rhonelle will look into the first of these issues. Since MLA is trying to push for more homogenous chapter sites, as part of its strategic plan to strengthen chapters, it seemed reasonable that they should do more to provide web space.

Round Robin

San Francisco Public Library (Jason Gibbs)

SFPL recently received 2 collections of sheet music, the first of the Mexican American singer Cuquita Eames and the second a collection related to country & western music, cowboy music and songs about trains. SFPL is looking into various online music services, particularly Naxos.

Oakland Public Library (Catherine Jennings)

In compact disc settlements, Oakland Public received 992 titles (4500 cds). They are keeping about 400 for the collection; others will be given away at various events and to branch libraries.

UCBerkeley (Manuel Erviti)

Berkeley is also dealing with settlement compact discs. John Roberts was featured in an article about them in the San Francisco Chronicle. Many were really far out of scope for the library. Major purchases and gifts include a collection of about 5000 jazz, folk and blues recordings and another collection of 4000 CDs, mostly of organ music.

The Berkeley Music Library has been in its new building almost a year and there are still some facilities issues to deal with. In staffing, the library lost a position a year and a half ago and has thus been working without a circulation supervisor. They are hoping to get a temporary replacement now the budget has stabilized.

Kathy Earl

Kathy has been volunteering at the Crocker Art Museum. They have since found money to pay her for 4 of the 6 hours a week she works there.

Stanford (Jerry McBride)

The Library has hired 2 library school interns for the summer to begin cataloging the Kronos Quartet Collection and lately signed an agreement to acquire the Women’s Philharmonic Collection. The performing score and parts of this collection are going to the Fleischer Library in Philadelphia, but the rest, including scores, recordings, videos, and archives will be housed at Stanford. So far, we have the scores and some documents. We plan to do brief cataloging of the scores and recordings over the next year for use in the Music Library. The other documents will be housed in Special Collections. Another very large collection (14,000 LPs) in pristine condition has also been willed to the Archive of Recorded Sound. They will remain in storage for some time to come. Stanford also recently hired a new library specialist, Liam Harty, who comes to us from Colorado. Liam is on a full-time, one year appointment, working half time in the Music Library and half time in the Archive of Recorded Sound performing copy cataloging of sound recordings.

San Francisco State (Richard Ross)

The library is moving to a new building. The old building will be completely gutted and rebuilt. Currently, the library consists of 4 separate buildings that leak; one even lacks heat.

College of Marin (Michael Irvine)

The College is still willing to accept compact disc donations for its collection. There are no real funds for recordings, so the collection comes entirely from donations. A bond measure is providing some building improvements; ventilation will be fixed and fans added. There is a new choral director at the College, and recent choral concerts have been successful.

SFPL (2) (Judy Chen)

Judy recently started at SFPL, working with Jason Gibbs.

University of the Pacific (Rhonelle Roberts)

The library has been going through a several-year long renovation. The addition was completed around Christmas, with compact shelving and study space. The music collection will go to the main floor and be in open stacks. There it will be much more visible and hopefully better used.

SFPL (3) (Bridget Boyden)

Technical Services moved out of the main library to a building bought from a that went out of business in the SoMa area, since more room was needed for Public Services. They are still trying to figure out the workflow. SFPL just moved to Connection for work in OCLC.

Berkeley Public Library (Lynne Wolfe)

Berkeley Public is moving to the use of RFIDs for circulation, a decision of the director. Staff have been tagging books for the last 10 months and it is beginning to be used. There is quite a bit of controversy about this—there are privacy issues and some staff worry it was adopted so staff could be cut. RFIDs can’t be used on CDs, so they will be put in special containers. They are also reclassing their discs using ANSCR. Berkeley Public has also been hosting some interesting music programs, including their 11th annual jazz fest, pop music films in the summer, and John Adams will come to talk about his new opera.

Nancy Lorimer, Secretary