Music Library Association Northern California Chapter                             Vol. 18, no. 2 (Spring 2004)


From the Chair:

After a year and a half as Chair of the MLA/NCC, I pass the torch after our Spring Meeting to Rhonelle Runner, whose ideas and energy will lead the chapter in continuing its mission.


Like me, Rhonelle assumes the role as a relatively new arrival to Northern California, so I am confident she will find the office particularly rewarding

because of the dedication, collegiality, and good-humor Chapter members show each other, the organization, and the profession. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community of NCC members for their help, support, and warmest welcome to Northern California and the traditions of the Chapter. I look forward to many more years of work together.



Music Library Association/Northern California Chapter

Minutes of the Business Meeting, November 14, 2003

San Jose State Library


The Northern California Chapter of the Music Library Association held its Fall 2003 meeting on the campus of San Jose State University, at the recently opened Martin Luther King Library. The morning session included an overview of the resources that combined academic (SJSU) and public (SJPL) collections and a tour of the facilities by Pat Stroh, Curator of The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies. The business meeting, held in the afternoon, was called to order by Manuel Erviti, Chair. 


Present were Ray Heigemeir (Stanford), Manuel Erviti (UC Berkeley) (Chair), Jason Gibbs (San Francisco Public Library) (Newsletter Editor), Alicia Patrice (CSU Sacramento) (Secre-tary/Treasurer), Judy Clarence (CSU Hayward), Kathy Earl (SJSU Library Student), Rhonelle Runner (University of the Pacific), Sally Berlowitz (San Francisco State University), Mimi Tashiro (Stanford), Kirsten Tanaka (SF PALM), Patricia Stroh (SJSU), Kevin Hughes (Student Assistant, Beethoven Archives), and Mark Lambert (SJSU Library Student).


Alicia Patrice, Secretary/Treasurer, reported that there is a balance of approximately $1002.86 in our account and members were reminded to pay dues.


Plans are still on for the Left Coast Joint Meeting.  Spring 2005 in Eugene, OR.  Once again at the national MLA meeting, we’ll have the Left Coast Mixer.  Check the schedule for time and place. Anyone interested in assisting with the Spring 2005 meeting should contact Alicia Patrice or Leslie Bennett of the Pacific Northwest Chapter.


Very soon the MLA/NCC will switch to an online newsletter.  Paper copies will still be available to those who request it.  Requests for paper copies should be sent to the Treasurer and Newsletter Editor.  It is planned to have the last paper copy be the Spring of 2004 Newsletter. The format of the Newsletter will most likely be HTML on the chapter website. An email will be sent to the listserv to alert people to the publication of it.


Manuel thanked Jason Gibbs for his contribution to the chapter as Newsletter Editor.  Jason’s hard work for many years is greatly appreciated.  Kathleen Earl will take over as Newsletter Editor.


Alicia Patrice will also be stepping down as Secretary/Treasurer and will be replaced by Nancy Lorimer.


Volunteers are needed for the Program and Nominating Committees.  Please contact Manuel for information.


Manuel Erviti’s tenure as Chair will end in the Spring of 2004 and he will be followed by Rhonelle Runner as Chair.  Jason Gibbs volunteered to stand for election for the position of Chair-Elect.


The tentative location of the Spring meeting is perhaps somewhere in the Central Valley.


Round Robin:

Jason Gibbs, SF Public:  The library has moved to Innovative’s Millennium module and is working out the bugs in the system.  Jason presented a paper at UCLA on the Vietnamese Bolero.


Kirsten Tanaka, SF PALM:  The library has received 1600 16in acetate discs of the Standard Hour Radio Show.  They have received a grant to clean, rehouse, and transfer the discs.


Kathy Earl, SJSU Library School Student:  Kathy turned in her thesis papers on the day of our meeting and will finish her studies soon.  She is hoping to make a beginner’s manual for music cataloging.


Ray Heigemeir, Nancy Lorimer, and Mimi Tashiro, Stanford University:  Jerry McBride has started as the Head of the Music Library and is very busy.  The Head of Archive position was not filled, so Jerry will cover both.  They are working on ideas for a grant proposal for bibliographic access to the Archive.  Richard Koprowski will take early retirement in the spring.


Pat Stroh, SJSU Beethoven Archive:  The budget is not yet available, but they are expecting a 10% cut, with more the following year.


Kevin Hughes, SJSU Beethoven Archive, Student Assistant:  Kevin is working on updating the Beethoven database.


Judy Clarence, CSU Hayward:  CSU Hayward is experiencing a 10% budget cut this year and an expected 25% cut next year.  Prior to this, Judy was attempting to build the scores collection with an approval plan from Theodore Front.  Judy will finish her appointment as president of CARL soon.  The CSU Hayward librarians take turns teaching the information competency classes and Judy tailored hers towards music.


Sally Berlowitz, SFSU:  Despite the budget crunch, plans are still underway for a new building to consolidate libraries on campus.  Many renovations are needed.  There is a hiring freeze and several empty positions.  Sally is planning early retirement next year.


Rhonelle Runner, University of the Pacific:  The Library will be undergoing renovations and expansion.  The music collection will be integrated into the main collection.  Rhonelle will be submitting proposals for furniture and media storage.  UOP is in the process of hiring a Special Collections Librarian for the Brubeck Collection.


Manuel Erviti, UC Berkeley:  The new Library will be finished in the coming months, with the move to happen soon thereafter.  Reductions in operations and budgets are not yet known, but expected to be around 10%.


Mark Lambert, SJSU SLIS Student:  Mark is almost halfway finished with his MLIS at SJSU.  He appreciates the opportunity to meet with the members of MLA/NCC.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Alicia Patrice

                                                                                                January 22, 2004



Message from the new editor:

The first is always the hardest! Jason Gibbs did such a wonderful job, and I especially enjoyed the articles he published. I’m asking for contributions for future newsletters: articles of interest to musicians and librarians. Perhaps you have a special collection you can tell us about, an experience to relate, a funny anecdote, . . .?


I’d like to start a section on musical performances at our chapter members’ locations. I’ll be sending out a reminder via the listserv for contributions to that section/column approximately two weeks before each issue is published.


Meanwhile, what are your thoughts about a printed membership roster?

--Kathy Earl



Funny Notes:

What’s the difference between a soprano and a piranha?


How many altos does it take to change a lightbulb?


Answers at the meeting! See you there!



Outgoing Officers:


Manuel Erviti

240 Morrison Hall

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 643-6197


Rhonelle Runner, Music Librarian

University of the Pacific

3601 Pacific Ave

Stockton, CA 95211

(209) 946-2570

Past Chair

Ray Heigemeir, Music Cataloger

Braun Music Center, 541 Lasuen Mall

Stanford University

Stanford, CA  94305-3076

(650) 725-1148


Alicia Patrice, Fine Arts Librarian

California State University, Sacramento

Sacramento, CA  95819-6039

(916) 278-7999

Newsletter Editor

Jason Gibbs, Art and Music Center

San Francisco Public Library

Civic Center

San Francisco, CA  94102

(415) 557-4525



THANK YOU for all your hard work and leadership!






Incoming Officers for 2004-05:


Rhonelle Runner, Music Librarian

University of the Pacific

3601 Pacific Ave

Stockton, CA 95211

(209) 946-2570


[Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect]: nominee

Jason Gibbs, Art and Music Center

San Francisco Public Library

Civic Center

San Francisco, CA  94102

(415) 557-4525


Past Chair:

Manuel Erviti

240 Morrison Hall

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 643-6197


Nancy Lorimer

Stanford Music Library

Braun Music Center

Stanford University

Stanford, CA  94305-3076

(650) 725-8819


Newsletter Editor:

Kathleen Earl

[American River College]

8009 Beethoven Ct.

Citrus Heights, Ca 95621

(916) 728-2122



Welcome and thanks for volunteering!







May 7, 2004

California State University, Sacramento and California State Library

<> and <>


You are cordially invited to the Spring Meeting of the Northern California Chapter of the Music Library Association held at the Library of California State University, Sacramento and at the California State Library on Friday, May 7, 2004.  The gathering will feature introductions to the resources and programs at CSUS Library, with special attention given to music resources in Special Collections, as well as a guided tour of the California State Library with curator Gary Kurutz.


Directions to CSUS are available at <>, with various maps at <>, including a CSUS Parking map at <>. Suggested parking locations are Parking Structure I or Lot 6.  Parking is $2.75 for the day and permits can be purchased at the information booths at the entrances to campus or on the 5th floor of the Parking Structure.  There is limited metered parking near the California State Library. Public parking is available on the northeast corner of 10th and L Streets and on 10th Street between O and P Streets.  Please contact Alicia Patrice—(916) 278-7999 or <>—with questions about public transportation in Sacramento. Those not planning to drive to Sacramento are welcome to carpool to CSUS with other NCC attendees.



9:00—10:00       Coffee and Pastries, CSUS Library, 5th Floor Conference Room, 2000 State University Dr. E., Sacramento, CA 95819, (916) 278-5679


10:00—11:15     Business Meeting and Round Robin


11:30—12:30     Tour of CSUS Library Facilities and Special Collections


12:30—2:00       Lunch TBA


2:00—3:00        Tour of California State Library, Stanley Mosk Library & Courts Building.  Please
meet in the lobby of Library & Courts Building II, 900 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +              +              +              +              +              +

Please register for the meeting by mailing/faxing this form, calling or sending email to:


Manuel Erviti, MLA/NCC                                          Office 510-643-6197

Music Library, 240 Morrison Hall                            Fax      510-642-8237

University of California                                              Email

Berkeley, CA 94720-6000


Name:     __________________________________________________________________


_____I will attend on May 7                              _____I cannot attend on May 7

Feel free to contact Manuel with questions.  Hope to see you there!



(Unless we hear from you!)

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If you would prefer a printed newsletter, please contact the Newsletter Editor:


Kathleen Earl

8009 Beethoven Ct.

Citrus Heights, CA  95621

(916) 728-2122




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