Music Library Association, Northern California Chapter

Vol. 19, no. 2 (Spring 2005)

From the Podium

Greetings!  I hope this newsletter finds you all looking forward to the promise of another summer, full of rewards and challenges.  Personally, I’m looking forward to summer melons and the chance to spend some time outdoors.  As an academic music librarian, the summer entices me with promises of fewer daily responsibilities, and more time for research and special projects.  I’m hoping that this time, summer will keep its promises.


As our chapter chair, I have been gratified to see many of you at this year’s meetings, first at UC Berkeley, and again in Vancouver, at our “Left Coast” meeting.  At that meeting, we began discussions that will continue in our chapter meetings leading up to the proposed “Left Coast” meeting in the spring of 2006.  If there are any of you who have been unable to attend recent meetings, but who are interested in becoming involved with the planning for this meeting with our neighboring chapters, please contact any board member.  Also, watch your mailbox for news from MLA/NCC – updates are certain to follow!



Rhonelle Runner


Message from the Editor

This newsletter is a lot late; everyone seemed to be super busy this Spring, so the usual posting of the newsletter before the Spring meeting just didn’t happen. As usual, submissions are always welcome, as well as a little bragging when you or your library receive well-deserved recognition.

--Kathy Earl





Rhonelle Runner, Music Librarian                                                    <>

University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95211            (209) 946-2570



Jason Gibbs, Art and Music Center                                                     <>

San Francisco Public Library, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA  94102    (415) 557-4525


Past Chair:

Manuel Erviti, 240 Morrison Hall                                  <>

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720                      (510) 643-6197 



Nancy Lorimer, Stanford Music Library                                  <>

Braun Music Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  94305-3076    (650) 725-8819


Newsletter Editor:

Kathleen Earl, American River College                                  <>

Home: 8009 Beethoven Ct., Citrus Heights, Ca 95621                           (916) 728-2122


Chapter Webmaster:

Michael Colby, UC Davis                                                           <>



Minutes of the Fall 2004 Business Meeting


Committee reports: We have trouble getting volunteers for committees; memberships are either one person or none. This also brought up the question of a membership directory; there used to be one distributed to members. Kathleen offered to create one and there was discussion whether it should be print or on the web. Print was strongly recommended. Kathleen said she would contact everyone to make sure their information was up-to-date. Nancy suggested it would be easier for her to do it, and it had traditionally been done by the secretary-treasurer in the past.


Left Coast Meeting planning: At the mixer at MLA 2004, Judy Tsou held another vote about the location of  the meeting, because some had suggested that Eugene OR was not central enough. Berkeley was voted on as the location. From their newsletter, we know the Northwest chapter have chosen 3 people to work on the planning; they seem to heading for a Spring 2006 meeting. Manuel will likely end up helping out with local arrangements; Ray offered to be a “co-worker”. There will be a meeting, rather than a mixer, at MLA this year, since there has been too much mixing and too little planning. It is uncertain whether everyone is invited or whether it’s only for a “planning group.”


Dues: Dues are due at this meeting. It was noted that dues have remained the same for a very long time. However, our costs have actually dropped, because the newsletter is now primarily electronic in distribution, we will no longer have our primary expense of printing and mailing newsletters. Also, since we will not be having any more mixers, we will not be having to help pay for them (and they were very expensive). It was thus felt that dues could safely stay at the same rate.


Committee appointments: Committee appointments/elections are usually held at the Spring meeting when necessary, except for one: the ad hoc member of the Nominating Committee. Currently, there are no members on the Nominating Committee at all. Manuel offered to become the ad hoc member. We could use another person. It was noted that there will be an opening for Chair-Elect at the Spring meeting.


Announcements/Round Robin


Rhonelle Roberts (U. of Pacific): The library expansion is nearly done. All that remains is carpet in two hallways and for the buildings to be attached together (right now the sun and rain come right in!). They will start moving in books soon after Thanksgiving, clearing space for the Music Library to move.


Michael Irvine (College of Marin): A bond issue was passed to renovate buildings at the College, so the library may possibly get something for upgrading/repairs from this or other benefactors.


Kathy Earl: She is currently working at American River College as a cataloger, at the Crocker Art Museum for 4 hours a week, and is the interim organist at Grace Presbyterian in Sacramento.


Janet Bochin (CSU Fresno): A new 4-storey building is currently being designed for an addition to the library. It will replace the 1956 wing, which is slated to be demolished in 2006. Books and bound periodicals will move into storage and the staff to the 1982 wing. Music will have a new space in the new wing.


Michael Colby (UC Davis): Carpeting was replaced in the non-public areas of the library. Music has had increasing budgetary problems, especially with Harrassowitz approvals; the budget cap has now been reduced.


Richard Koprowski. Currently self-employed doing appraisal work. He found a recording of Toreador in English, recorded in February 1895. It is a terrible rendition, but sets back the history of opera recording by one month, the earliest previously known being from March of the same year.


Ray Heigemeir, Nancy Lorimer (Stanford): Over the summer, compact shelving with new lighting was installed in the main stacks. It is manually moved, not electronic. It is working well, though a little difficult since only one person can a set of stacks at a time. However, no one has been squished yet! The stacks have also been rearranged, with new upright and flat shelving for folios. Some of the worst walls of the public areas were newly painted this summer and our carpets cleaned. Ray is now both public services librarian and a cataloger; Mimi Tashiro is on medical leave; Nancy has become a part time archivist and has posted our first online finding aid with the Online Archive of California. We are down one half-time cataloger, a position we hope to fill.


Manuel Erviti (UC Berkeley): Beside moving and fixing what’s gone wrong—display cases, elevators, security system (several times), etc., staff are enjoying the new building a lot. Staff is down by a circulation person and some student staff due to budget cuts.


Jason (SF Public Library): Pat Hall retired in July. Jason replaced her on an acting basis, and then on a provisional basis, permanency coming after civil service test. There will be a replacement for him, but will take a while. The Dorothy Starr Collection, the stock of a huge, used music store that was bought up by her fans and donated to SFPL will have a public face within the month. The database has been worked on for 11 years, with 23,000 records indexed. They are thinking about getting into scanning public domain music. Jason also attended IMS in Melbourne, Australia where he gave a paper on Vietnamese pop music, relating traditional music to karaoke. There was also a day dedicated to papers on music information.


--Nancy Lorimer



Byron Hoyt Closes

Rob Lappa, Camerata Music, via Jason Gibbs, SFPL


An institution in print music for more than 40 years, Byron Hoyt Sheet Music has closed. Although some may think this would be good news for competitors, Camerata Music is very sad about the closing and will miss this historic print music retailer.


I worked at Byron Hoyt from 1990 until 1994 and found it to be a rare treasure. A store with the inventory and service that Byron Hoyt once boasted, could only be found in a few US cities.


The sharply rising costs for overhead, shipping, competition for deep discounts, and the changing nature of purchasing music brought about by the Internet all helped bring this closing to pass.


Thank you Byron Hoyt for your many years of excellent service to the musical community.


You will be missed by many.



Byron Hoyt Sheet Music: A Tradition Passes Away

Kathleen Earl

As the daughter of a choral conductor, I fondly remember annual trips to Byron Hoyt to browse newly-released music. As a choral conductor myself, I continued the tradition once or twice a year. These trips to BH ended up being mini-reunions of choral conductors, before the ACDA Reading Sessions at CSU Hayward began. It was a time for catching up, getting tips on well-received titles, and finding gems in the wooden bins. I could always count on BH for prompt service and a broad range of music choices. I even utilized their Music in Print copies for research on my master’s thesis in choral conducting.


Farewell, and thank you, BHSH, for many years of faithful service.